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Madeleine Humphreys


Dr Madeleine Humphreys, Associate Professor, Durham University

Associate Professor and researcher in igneous petrology, volcanology and magmatism. Research interests are in understanding magma storage, evolution and migration within the crust using both natural materials and experimental approaches. Current research projects include (i) using crystal textures to understand and quantify magma solidifcation and the physical behaviour of crystal mushes, and (ii) volatiles in volcanic processes, including the timing of fluid exsolution and the enrichment and migration of metals in volcanic settings. I am always happy to hear from potential students or post-doctoral researchers interested in developing projects at Durham.

Methods used to study volcanic and magmatic systems within the group:
Left: Rapid-quench cold-seal pressure vessels at Durham University (c Martin Mangler). Upper middle: crystallisation of plagioclase, amphibole and biotite in nodules from Mt Lamington (Papua New Guinea). Lower middle: in situ geochemical microanalysis using laser ablation ICP-MS. Right: fieldwork and sampling, Campi Flegrei, Italy (c Richard Brooker).